It is made of 100% MDF and painted with acrylic paint. Gold roll leaf work is done on every color. option: .aging can be applied in any color.

In the drawers, a self-drawing rail system with a stop is used.

samet hinge with stop is used on the is designed to provide slow and silent closing.

We used carved lükens feet for the feet. For those who want a more aesthetic design.

The bed is 100*200cm or 90*190cm bed size.

Note: Wardrobe + Study Desk + Bedstead + Dresser and Mirror + Nightstand are included in the prices in Young Rooms.

Please see prices for the Bookshelf.

Choose your wishes from the options.

Material Used
MDF %100 MDF den üretilmiştir
Painting type
acrylic painting mat ,yarı mat, parlak veya sisli veya altın,gümüş varaklı işlemlerle hazırlanıprenklendirilmektedir
Cover Hinge system
hinge with stop kapaklarda stoplu menteşe standarttır.
Drawer Rail system
Piston Rail çekmeceler durduruculu kendi çeken ray sistemlidir

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Saraylı Carved luxury Avangard 4-doors youth room

  • 72,000TL
  • 64,000TL

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